Crevoice is a Swedish Company operated by Torbjorn Petersson in VÄSTERVIK.

I first saw the Crevoice  VoiceVest in operation with a guided tour at a public museum in 

The VoiceVest has gained popularity with Train Operators at main-line stations including Bristol Temple Meads, Cardiff, Plymouth and Reading Stations during high volumes of passenger traffic for local events.

The VoiceVest has also proved popular with several Canary Wharf occupants for assistance during buillding evacuation of and fire alarm procedure as well as at International Cricket Events in the UK outside the grounds.  Over 100 Voicevests were purchased LOCOG for use at the Velodrome and other venues during the 2012 London Olympics.

The VoiceVest offers a hands free, local area portable PA system for conveying information to receptive crowds and queues in a non confrontation environment.  The Voicevest enables clear high quality sound over a small area. A megaphone tends to produce very loud, very frequency limited compressed  sound.   

I have noticed  the response to the VoiceVest when demonstrated at an exhibition is quite positive.   The surrounding audience can hear clearly, read any visual expression and the user has hands free operation to offer out printed information, indicate exits etc.   People stop and listen.  The response to a Megaphone or Bullhorn in close proximity in my experience is quite the opposite.

Please call for availability.  Delivery is approx 14 days from order.

We have discontinued the Crevoice product range

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