Peltor™ DECT-Com II™ is Peltor's new wireless, full duplex, intercom system which operates in the 1.8 GHz DECT-frequencies.
1.8GHz license free in many countries.

Dectcom II will support up to up to 9 active users in full duplex mode.
Additionally up to 40 listeners may "break in" to the conference.

The belt packs are VOX mode (voice operated).

Full duplex licence free wireless systems have a low power output and high frequency>  The Dectcom 2 is therefore a short range communication system. The nominal working range is approximately 250 metres outdoors in line of sight.
The working range may be shorter due to actual conditions.

We have discontinued the Peltor Dectcom II product range

We still stock similar products that you may wish to browse and purchase instead