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Ideal factory Tour guide 

120 receivers in stock available to hire at £8.00 per receiver for 4 days out.
Each kit includes 12, 20 or 30 slot chargers. Receivers and chargers are housed in a portable flight case.

Our experience leads us to recommend a hand held microphone in noisey conditions. A hand held mic not only offers the best noise rejection it also enables questions to be taken from your VIP/prospective customers. For full success your tour guide should also wear a receiver in order to clearly hear all questions taken and also to provide confidence of their own sound level and clarity for your guests during their tour.

Up to 5 tours may be run in the same physical area of wireless reception.  (5 Languages or 5 groups).

(Price excludes carriage charges and VAT). (Head worn microphones are also available). Mic hire is also £8.00