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We have listed below some useful pinouts (not pinups...!) and also some handy info for some RTS equipment. We welcome any feedback. See our Q&A section for further advice.

A comprehensive but by no means complete guide to the different radio connectors used on many common radios. For common Radio Models - Icom, Motorola, Maxon, Kenwood etc

If you have any additions or alterations please email us with updates

Faulty Beltpack? Is the call signal only partially functioning and the audio all over the shop?

Want to see if your trusty "comms engineer" has made a few onsite adjustments?

Compare the positions of the sidetone pots on a good working beltpack with one that is playing up. Any difference and you may have found your cause and saved yourself a repair bill.

Radiocommunications Agency (now defunct body) official information sheet on PMR radio spectrum. Gives channel frequencies and other regulated soureces of offficial info. If you are loking for licenced channels for your business please call us on 01689 876620 for advice and help.



(J101) 50 pin Centronics Socket


(The figures and information shown are taken from a manual the wire used is 22awg, the headset's load for the ear driver's is 25ohm, 10dB below clipping).

The distance quoted is maximum distance to power one of the following model of beltpacks or user stations:


DEFINITION Bluetooth is a radio frequency it operates in the 2.4GHz band. It is designed to be an inexpensive wireless personal networking system for portable devices such as laptops, PDA`s (Personal digital assistants), mobile phones and headsets. A device has to be Bluetooth enabled (i.e. contain a Bluetooth chip) to be able to use a Bluetooth connection.


(J102) 50 pin Centronics Socket


The camera outputs do not appear on the Telex BOP Panel but this does not mean they are not available for normal use.

The following pin outs will allow a user to wire the 25 pin socket to whatever they wish so long as they adopt the following protocol


Although the commons are not assigned to any particular output they must be carried through.

The suggested connection shown is used on our SAP 1626 Jackfield.

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