Motorola GP340 Desktop charger PMLN5195 UK plug

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Warranty Information

Our objective is to offer you a means of providing a high level of customer care during the manufacturers' warranty period. The warranty period shall commence from the date of invoice to the dealer, for a period of thirteen months, to account for shelf-time. After this period has elapsed, all repairs will be subject to either a Fixed Price repair charge in the case of Motorola equipment or an estimate for repair.

If you require a copy of the Fixed Price repair tariff, which includes the FPR terms and conditions, please contact Airsys. In some cases, if a repair estimate is refused, a charge of £25.00 will be made to mitigate our costs. Extended warranty may be purchased at the time of sale on any portable or mobile radio, at a cost of £25.00 for an extra 24 months or £50.00 for an extra 48 months.

Any warranty will be invalidated if:

  • The equipment has been improperly installed or used in a manner contrary to the supplied operating instructions;
  • The equipment has been treated in an abusive manner; the defect is found to be caused by physical abuse, or exposure to toxic or corrosive substances; internal or external corrosion is caused by ingress of water or other liquids;
  • The equipment has been tampered with, or modified in any way, including the alteration or removal of the serial number;
  • Any previous repair work has been carried out by an individual or organisation other than a manufacturer approved engineer or Service Centre;
  • Any part has been fitted that is not manufacturer approved.

Showcomms reserves the right to make a handling/return shipping charge of £25.00 plus VAT for any unit:

  • Suffering damage that invalidates any warranty claimed, where the repair charge is then refused
  • That has sustained sufficient damage to be considered 'beyond economical repair'
  • Where no fault is found
  • Where a unit is sent for a repair estimate and the costs are then refused
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