What is Bluetooth - Useful Information

DEFINITION Bluetooth is a radio frequency it operates in the 2.4GHz band. It is designed to be an inexpensive wireless personal networking system for portable devices such as laptops, PDA`s (Personal digital assistants), mobile phones and headsets. A device has to be Bluetooth enabled (i.e. contain a Bluetooth chip) to be able to use a Bluetooth connection.


Bluetooth was first developed in Sweden, by Ericsson in 1994. The name comes from King Harald "bluetooth" Blatand who ruled part of Scandinavia in 960AD. He helped unite his part of the world and the idea is Bluetooth will unite the mobile world.
There are 3 different power classes of Bluetooth. At 2.4GHz Bluetooth is not a line of sight connection so it can be used through walls and floors but the power is so low it is unlikely to do so if class 3!
Class 3 The lowest power, the max. range of this is 10m (30 feet)
This what is used for headsets.
Class 2 Max range is about 50m (150ft)
Class 1 Max range is about 100m (300ft)
These ranges can be affected by environmental conditions i.e. furniture, walls, people so ranges can easily be reduced. The time slots can also be occupied by DECT phones!! (Correct me if I am wrong!)
Bluetooth is faster than an ISDN connection but slower than a IR (infra red) connection used on a laptop - a normal Bluetooth connection is about the same speed as a home broadband connection.
It is not true that all Bluetooth devices can connect to any other device allowing the information on it to be browsed through. This cannot be done without the user setting the device to do so. Bluetooth has various security levels of authentication including pin code entry and up to 128-bit encryption.
Bluetooth consists of a number of different profiles, which allow different devices to communicate and exchange files, audio etc. Each device needs to have a specific profile to allow communication with another device with that profile e.g. a mobile phone needs the headset profile to be able to use a Bluetooth headset.
Bluetooth and WiFi
One key difference between Bluetooth and other wireless technologies is that it's designed as a short-range, low cost low power device. Bluetooth is designed to let smaller, personal devices communicate wirelessly getting rid of "cable clutter" by eliminating the wires.
In comparison, 802.11 (also called WiFi) is a long-rangeand allows connectivity to a large network. WiFI 802.11 is popular in many companies, and even in public locations known as "hotspots".

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