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We had a question today regarding hygiene of headsets, earpieces and microphones?
Now is the time to adopt good practice for Hire Fleets and Personal Headsets.

 Use personal eartips, earcushions and foam windshields or hygiene covers

I would always advocate the assignment of a headset to a single user for at least the duration of an event or production.

It is good practice where possible to remove mic baskets for cleaning.
Earcushions should be changed or cleaned if on hire fleets for each client. 
Consider a swap out stock and rotate new or cleaned hygiene kits for use on each event/user.
Vinyl earcushions can be hygiene wiped and currently min. of 60% alcohol content is suggested.
Some larger foam mic windshields and metal mic baskets will withstand boiling water.
(Test one first and obviously dry them out well afterwards on a radiator).

Anything that goes in the ear goes into the Bin!

Personal Cotton Hygiene Protectors (over socks) are available for larger earcup headsets.
Peltor produce a Hygiene Tape for boom microphones.

Remember also to clean headset PTT units and/or the PTT Bezels on radios and handsets.
Clean the Battery both on the radio and also those spare batteries in your chargers.

This information is based on my own personal experience of good practice.
  It is not a DE FACTO guide. 
Please take care of your safety, safely, in your own safe hands.